How To Buy Tablecloths

Whether you are buying tablecloths for your wedding or you are helping a friend plan a wedding, this online tablecloth shopping guide will be very helpful. You will not only learn how to measure your table to find the right tablecloth size but you will also discover various types of tablecloths for weddings and events. We also created a tablecloth sizing chart, a visual tool that you can use to determine tablecloth sizes.

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Bridal Tablecloths

Wedding Linen Tablecloths

These days, most wedding linens are not crafted from real linen fabrics. Real linens come from the fibers of the flax plant.   That should be good news for all the brides out there because using real linens can be very expensive. Today, when someone mentions wedding table linens, they could be referring to polyester, satin, spandex or other types of banquet tablecloths. These linens are the same tablecloths used by banquet reception halls and hotels for lavish events. Polyester tablecloths exemplify matte elegance. Satin tablecloths are known for their shimmering appeal. While spandex table covers (also known as stretch tablecloths or scuba table covers) have the promise of delicate touch and wrinkle-free look. There are other types of tablecloth fabrics out there such as pintuck taffeta, crinkle taffeta, pinwheel pinched taffeta and flocking damask.

wedding tablecloths

Choosing the right table linen for weddings is mainly the couple's call. Normally, the groom lets the bride make the final decision. It starts with the bride's dream wedding, then wedding reception essentials such as tablecloths, napkins, chair covers, sashes, table runners and other linens come into play. Aesthetics such as tablecloth drop, chair cover sash style and type of table runner to use will also follow.

What is GSM?

No, we are not talking about mobile phones here. In the tablecloth industry or fabric world, GSM stands for gram per square meter. In simple terms, it is the measure of the weight and thickness of the fabric. You can essentially determine the quality of a table linen based on its GSM. The higher the GSM, the better quality.

We recommend doing your homework before buying tablecloths online. Be extra cautious when browsing websites of linen retailers because some of them can mislead you with what they claim. Some retailers advertise their table linens’ GSM values as higher than they actually are. It is best to read reviews about the tablecloth companies that you are considering, customer service feedback, return policies, shipping promotions and product quality reputation. If Bridal Tablecloths is on your list, we welcome any phone call or chat if you wish to connect with us prior to making a tablecloth purchase.

Wedding Table Sizes

Some say 60 inch round table. Some say 5 ft round table. Some people would say 6 seat table or 6 seater.

No matter how people describe it, one should first determine the table sizes that will be used for the event before buying tablecloths online. Probably the best way to look at this is that, there is a huge difference between a 120 inch round tablecloth and 132 inch round tablecloth if you are looking to drape the table linen on a 60 inch round table. The former being the perfect tablecloth fit (full drape), while the latter being a bad decision because it creates a puddle on the floor. Same thing with table height. 

So before you shop for tablecloths, ask your banquet hall owner about the width, diameter (for round tables) and height of the tables that will be used for the wedding.

The most important question when tablecloth shopping is...

how to buy tablecloths 

Once you've figured that out and the dimensions, the next big questions would be:

Since Bridal Tablecloths only offers round and rectangle linens, this linen shopping guide will focus on those tablecloth shapes and sizes.

How to Choose Round Tablecloths

Once you've figured out the shape and dimensions of your round table, deciding on what tablecloth to buy will depend entirely on your choice of aesthetics. Do you prefer a halfway drop or a full drape? Are you in love with the concept of having a dramatic fabric puddle on the floor? That's all up to you. Most banquet halls use wedding reception tables with a 30 inch height. With that in mind, we created the following round tablecloth sizing table:

90 inch round tablecloth  21 inch drop  15 inch drop  9 inch drop
108 inch round tablecloth   Full Drape  24 inch  drop  18 inch drop
120 inch round tablecloth  Puddle  Full Drape  24 inch drop
132 inch round tablecloth  Puddle  Puddle   Full Drape

As a rule of thumb, to compute for the length of the drop, simply subtract the tablecloth size from the diameter of your round table, then divide by two. For example, if you have a 120 inch round linen and a 60 inch table, subtract 120 from 60 (120-60) to get 60. Dividing that by two will give you 30 inches and that is the tablecloth drop. As a tip, a fully draped table is highly recommended in weddings due to the formal appearance it exudes. 

How to Choose Rectangular Tablecloths

Long tables are easier to drape. All you need to have on hand is the measurement. Elegant reception settings usually have two types of tables -- 6 ft and 8 ft rectangular tables. Similar to round tables, rectangular ones in wedding reception centers have a 30 inch height. 

90 X 132 inch rectangle tablecloth   Full Drape  30 inch width-wise, 18 inch length-wise
90 X 156 inch rectangle tablecloth  Puddle  Full Drape
6 FT spandex table cover  Perfect Fit.  Will not fit.
8 FT spandex table cover  Loose sides.  Perfect Fit


Specialty Table Linens. Why are they called luxurious?

Some wedding industry experts call polyester and satin table linens as "plain tablecloths" or as "solid tablecloths." When there are more intricacies involved or when the production of linens require labor-intensive processes and finer materials, the tablecloths are labeled as "specialty table linens" or luxurious linens. Linen tablecloths that feature prints, embroidery, and specialized patterns fall under these categories. Some of the most popular specialty tablecloths are taffeta linens that feature crinkle, pintuck and pinwheel pinched patterns. Of course, damask linens have been making special appearances in the wedding scene also. In recent years, these types of banquet linens are available only for large-scale reception venue owners. These days, brides and wedding professionals alike can purchase them at wholesale tablecloth suppliers such as Bridal Tablecloths. 

After finding out the different aspects of tablecloth shopping, we highly recommend viewing our chair cover sizing charts here.

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