Orange Weddings

Posted by Bridal Tablecloths on 29th Sep 2014

Orange Weddings

Vibrant details. Bright hues. Orange. Summer. If these design elements are what you're envisioning for your wedding, then you're in for one of the loveliest style palettes that ever happened to the bridal scene-- orange weddings.

The beauty of the color orange is double-sided. One part of it can be very visually stimulating. The other side is that, its strong appeal can also break the entire style scheme. This is why before you start renting or buying  tablecloths, linen napkins, table runners, chair covers and other wedding table linens, you'd want to have a color board where you list each and every accent that you'd like to have. The more you get down to the specifics, the more you can picture out the final output.

Orange Wedding Style Planning

STEP 1. Create your color scheme.
orange +  
orange + white + 
apple green
orange + 
orange + white with hints of coral
STEP 2. Choose the table setting accents that you want highlighted.
Ask yourself, "what part of the table would you want to really pop?"
STEP 3. Create a list of all the design elements.
Is it going to be metallic orange, rustic citrus, or chic summer orange?
STEP 4.  Finalize the blueprint.
During this phase, you should have the answers for "what goes where" and "what goes with what."
STEP 5. Buy your table linens ahead of time.
Since summer weddings are highly-sought schedules in the event scene, you wouldn't want to order your tablecloths and find out that they're not in stock. That right there defeats the purpose of wedding planning.

The best tip we can give is to go easy on wedding décor if you are planning to use orange as your base tablecloth to avoid having all the details overwhelm each other. If you're using this citrus hue as an accent, then don't forget to have a table linen that will help you have a cohesive, stylish finish. Below, we've rounded up some photos that should walk you through the glam potential of orange as a wedding color.

Orange Pintuck Tablecloths

Orange Tablecloths

Some combine orange table centerpieces with apple green napkins. Others go with the table runner route.

Wedding cakes? The aesthetics is all up to you.

Sometimes, sophistication is in the tiniest details.

Orange Wedding Inspiration

Wedding Inspiration Photo Credits: Belle the Magazine, Clever Wedding Ideas, Project Wedding, Sophisticated Floral, My Flower Affair, HWTM, Ceremony Blog, Wedding Chicks and Pinterest.
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