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Spandex Chair Covers

  • *Made from premium grade four-way stretch spandex material
  • *200 GSM (grams per square meter)
  • *Wrinkle and stain resistant
  • *Machine washable / Can be laundered multiple times
  • *New, individually packaged and reusable
  • *Fits any standard banquet chair with round top


Peacock Wedding Inspiration

That colorful feather, popular for painting the world purple, turquoise and gold, dramatically tiptoed its way into the wedding scene. All of a sudden, our feeds are filled with everything related to Peacock Wedding Inspiration in all its multi-hued glory. The chic set of colors won the hearts of brides and wedding professionals because of its arresting appeal. When tastefully done, the whole style inspiration breathes urban glamour, exudes that rich melange of intense pigments, and captures the allure of color sophistication that is rarely achieved when combining bold hues. 

We're totally aware that you would want to avoid the carnival look when planning your peacock themed wedding so, we have curated the best bets in peacock weddings to ensure you’ve nailed down the perfect combination of tablecloths and what not.


Trust us, your choice of tablecloth will do magic. You can never go wrong with a base or solid tablecloth in earth or neutral color. For your peacock feather-themed wedding, gold tablecloths are high on the list. It has that welcoming warm look to it, at the same time, it is the perfect starting point for a cohesive tablescape design.

Gold Tablecloths

The biggest secret in creating an elegant table setting using the peacock theme lies in the tiniest accents. Spread out the colors in small portions instead of using them as major hues. Cloth napkins and table runners should be able to highlight the focal point of your wedding design, in this case, a peacock-inspired tablescape. Aesthetically-arranged blooms and other table decor will take care of the final touches. 

Purple Table Runners

If you're on a budget crunch, it is never a bad idea to use silk rose petals. Of course, don't forget your bridal party too, like this adorable flower girl below.

Peacock Weddings

PHOTO CREDITS. One Stylish Bride // Eric Asistin Photography via Storyboard Wedding //

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