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90 inch Polyester Round Tablecloths

Wholesale Tablecloths: 90 inch Round Polyester Tablecloths for Weddings and Events

Although fully drapable tablecloths have been introduced in the wedding world in recent years, 90 inch polyester round tablecloths still remain as a favorite in weddings and special events. Their matte elegance and durability make them a popular choice. Event planners refer to them as "the most economical option," if you're planning a wedding and looking for round tablecloths that meet the budget. When used on a 5 ft or 60 inch round table with a 30 inch height, it offers a tablecloth drop that is halfway to the floor (or 15 inch drop)--granting guests more leg room. Some wedding planners use this tablecloth as a stylish 90 inch round table overlay on top of a bigger round table linen. You can also create the popular scalloped overlay style by using multiple 90 inch table toppers as overlays on a long table. To create beautiful tablescapes, use these elegant table drapes along with table overlaystable runners and cloth napkins in complementing colors.