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120 inch Polyester Round Tablecloths

Wholesale Tablecloths: 120 inch Round Polyester Tablecloths for Weddings and Events

120 inch round polyester tablecloths are designed to fully drape the most common table used in banquet halls or wedding reception centers--the 60 inch round table or 5 ft round table with 30 inch height. Meaning, a 120-inch round tablecloth will drop all the way to the floor, giving the table an elegant appearance. This is the reason why this table linen has displaced 90 inch rounds as the most popular tablecloth size. Aside from that fact that they are fully drapable, wedding planners and fine-dining professionals prefer to use 120 inch rounds over other wedding linen tablecloths due to their matte finish, durability plus stain and wrinkle resistant properties. To create beautiful tablescapes, use these elegant table drapes along with table overlays, table runners and cloth napkins in complementing colors.