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108 inch Polyester Round Tablecloths

Wholesale Wedding Tablecloths, Catering Table Linens

With their matte elegance and durability, 108 inch polyester round tablecloths are a huge favorite in the event community when it comes to choosing wedding table linens. Event planners refer to them as "the most economical choice" if you're planning a wedding and looking for round tablecloths that meet the budget. This is true especially in the case of Bridal Tablecloths. Our 108 inch round polyester tablecloths are made from premium grade woven polyester, are seamless, stain and wrinkle resistant and can withstand multiple washing. When used on a 4 ft or 48 inch round table with a 30 inch height, the 108 inch round table linen offers a full tablecloth drop--granting the wedding reception table that elegant and formal appearance. Or 24 inch drop when used on a 5 ft or 60 inch round table. Some wedding planners use this tablecloth as a stylish 108 inch round table overlay on top of a 132 inch round tablecloth. You can also create the popular scalloped overlay style by using multiple 108 inch tablecloths as overlays on a long table.